Yaya Yaya Touré! – Het liedje van de Manchester City supporters voor Yaya Touré

Movie Rating: 4 / 5


  1. In de Hekken says:

    @azfantje2006 They support the colors, not the players.

  2. avfc82sotc says:

    who gets boyata on the back of their shirt?!

  3. jools Pirog says:

    Still not performing as a real team because they are just mercenaries. Pay
    more lol.

  4. MAX GREATEST says:

    haha great

  5. willemsajaxfan says:

    en barcelona idem hoor

  6. oeokosko says:

    Er… Irony? If you don’t understand that, then you haven’t got the measure
    of the City fan base!

  7. steven wood says:

    fuck you you cunthe deserved it

  8. oeokosko says:

    No, it is Manchester City. I’ve no idea who cirt is.

  9. Joe Blakeley says:

    i can see me, my best mate and his stepdad, my mate has a white t-shirt and
    blue/scarf and thats balloon trophy is ours 🙂 this was epic!!! makes me
    smile watching it!! 🙂

  10. iRushton says:

    Not that I have to prove myself to you, you bitter cunt, I was sitting in
    121 with my dad and my season ticket. So get fucked. Only 4 Joke fans
    turned up against us in the FA Cup anyways.

  11. azfantje2006 says:

    @indehekkenTV But still, they accept the exploitation of the supporters on
    account of the ridiculous salaries of the players. Why do the English
    football supporter have to pay 50p for the cheapest seats in the stadium
    whereas the players earn 200.000 a week?! I can’t support that, I’m sorry
    for the english supporters in general. Stand up for yourself and just
    refuse to visit the stadium, English football needs a bubble to start over

  12. MrMrpigeon says:

    so before, he breaks away and scores, oh yaya toure I think we should pay
    you some more! CTID

  13. gall140 says:

    @paullfc111 Related/friend?

  14. ZwolseBoy038 says:

    De Yaya Kolo Song is leuker 😀

  15. BRADFORDFAN1 says:

    love this

  16. Dan Auprix says:

    And they’re still singing to this day

  17. vxVxbe says:

    Cunts stole deliah of Stoke

  18. vxVxbe says:

    stfu I bet when you in the championship you supported united cunt.

  19. Mancini Jacko says:

    another one got lost through chinese whispers, original was against stoke
    (their tune) in the cup final, words went just like before (in reference to
    his goal against ush*ted) he’ll break away and he’ll score, oh yaya toure i
    think we should pay you some moe, or that’s how i sung it on my own in the
    bar at half time, MCFC FOREVER

  20. iRushton says:

    It’s not stolen, Stoke don’t own the song, Tom Jones will have something to
    say about that. I’d say this was a tribute to your lot that we’d ‘SAMPLED’
    it after your great fans at Wembley, and of course Yaya. Don’t get shit
    twisted. Plus it’s not as if we’d used Stoke’s lyrics.

  21. Tim Ruyter says:

    We love MCFC

  22. terry phidaheights says:

    sir franny lee said years ago that players of the future will be paid a
    lot of money,if tom jones can play to a crowd of 800 at the london
    palladium and get £20,000 for 1 show and a footballer gets £20 playing to
    50,000 its cheapest form of entertainment……………

  23. Jimmy7Jive says:

    Why Why Why Delilah. Up the potters!

  24. azfantje2006 says:

    Can’t they earn a normal salary then instead of 10 times an average salary
    for the normal people in A WEEK. Football is fucked by commerce these days,
    it’s not just city, it’s everywhere

  25. azfantje2006 says:

    if you mean FC United you’re right. I can’t support player salaries of
    200.000 pounds a week and ridiculous ticket prices anymore, the people
    should stand up against this retardation otherwhise the prices and salaries
    will go up and up and up. It’s complete insanity.