Yaya Touré’s Best Goal in FC Barcelona [HD]

Movie Score: four / five


  1. Fabien Kouabran says:

    Lol take a seat idiot

  2. bryangld27 says:

    Because he’s already won everything a player can in Spain and plenty of players want to play in the premier league at least once in their life 🙂

  3. Jur Venema says:

    IMHO the goal he scored in the 2009 Copa Del Rey final was his best Barca goal.

  4. ZambranoC7 says:

    this guy is such a great athlete he could’ve been played any sport he wanted to

  5. Denzel Washington says:

    Fuck Barca’s Pass System man ! Made a lot of good players look bad. like Henry,Ibra,Song,Sanchez.Neymar is the next believe me

  6. miller4cfc says:

    Cause he probably didn’t play in the same style as the others.

  7. elpoiro says:

    Busquets was perfect for Guardiola, diving again and again. Touré has the same technique, but he’s even more powerful

  8. Abel Cordova says:

    You are right /watch?v=nmfnbPV7bfw

  9. sow984 says:

    I don’t think so

  10. Alejo Samper says:

    busquetes, believe it or not, outshined yaya

  11. Skyeed dod says:

    Because they only focus on Spain player’s and look at what happen now ..

  12. david benley says:

    ya ya was more complete, tall, strong physically and was also gifted with technique, busquet is good but goes down too easily.

  13. david benley says:

    toure played a lot and was main defensive midfielder for barca till they sold him, he scored less because of barca’s system han playing less.

  14. david benley says:

    barca did have variety agree in 2009, but ronaldhino was off form since 2006 wc, but he shouldn’t of sold ronaldhino, he could made ronaldhino into the same player he was with barca in 2004 to 2006.

  15. DeanChillin279 says:

    Danced through like a young Leo Messi

  16. kurdaka says:


  17. TryHardEffectz says:

    Could happen,I mean the only reason Yaya go sold was because Pep preferred to play Sergio because he fits the Barca “philosophy” more but Toure was more complete.

  18. Luis Sardinas says:

    i hope they sell sergio and get yaya back cause he already said he want to comeback

  19. Jether Lapojapo says:

    You need 99 vision in Fifa to score that goal

  20. Jeanmeyso2399 says:

    Near post OP.

  21. Yaska Cade says:

    What a legend… I’m glad that Manchester City decided to buy him!

  22. August Starberg says:

    I disagree. First of all, Oleguer is Catalan (thus Spanish) and if Guardiola only used players because they were spanish he wouldn’t have gotten rid of Oleguer. Second, Ronaldinho’s decline was not just Guardiolas fault, he had been playing bad ever since the 2006 world cup when Rijkaard was still in charge. If he wanted a Spanish forward, he wouldn’t have sold Bojan, and he’d buy a Spanish forward after Eto’o left. He didn’t destroy Barca’s beauty, he brought them to the top again.

  23. Roma9532 says:

    Because Guardiola loves Spanish players, he got rid of Eto’o and Ibrahimovic just to get Villa????????????????? He got rid of Yaya to put Busquets. Remember 2006 Barcelona they had 3 Spanish players in the starting lineup while in 2009 they had 6 and in 2011 they had 7. He fucked Deco and Ronaldinho and Oleguer and Edmílson. He destroyed the beauty of Barca that made them lovable all around the world.

  24. laughingbad says:

    They didn’t give him enough playing time in barca. 4 goals in 3 years with barca? smh.

    After Man city got him in 2010 he has appeared in 90 games and has scored 17 league goals!

  25. Ps3blaze22 says:

    I wish Yaya never left Barca, he is 10x times better than Busquets.