Yaya Toure vs Mali 2012 By Zouzinho

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  1. vladisimo93 says:

    yeah he also saied he loves real madrid and that he ll came anytime at real so stfu with you re barca philosophy

  2. OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD says:

    thanks i ve subscribed to your channel ; ) nice work

  3. markg541 says:

    song is in credits at end

  4. OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD says:

    zouzinho5 your channel is awesome,can u tell me the name of the song?

  5. OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD says:

    yes footballplayers say a lot of bullshit and u know it,when he left olympiakos he said the exact same words…when he came to us we played against real madrit for the cl and he made fun of them,he was playing alone against them for fun,he didnt even tried.ok its logical yaya to be improved at barca,but he would be improved in any way with or without barca,its like saying that if michael jordan didnt have phil jackson he wouldnt be as good as he is… is that possible??

  6. moluksefreefighter01 says:

    Uhm no, you are wrong, yaya even said it ” barca improved me as a player, i became a different player, a smarter player” so your point is invalid! of course its all about TALENT, but the barca system helps you IMPROVE certain qualitys, wich you dont improve at another club besides barca, its all about their philosophy. Yaya at olympiacos was not even close to the Yaya at barca and now at city. barca improved him, he even said it fella….!

  7. OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD says:

    U SAID:His awareness/calmness/intelligenc­­e/passing/off the ball movement heIMPROVED ALOT! without barca he wouldn’t even be this good. and i dont know what im talking about?

    I SAY: man are u serious????players like yaya/fenomeno/ronaldinho etc dont need stupid clubs to be improved even if they are called barcelona….they are geniouses,they are football….when i watched yaya for the first time at olympiakos i couldnt even sleep,he was already a god

  8. OLYMPIAKOSvsGOD says:


  9. Lee E says:

    @moluksefreefighter01 yh your right he is a cm, but is a box-to-box midfielder who can play dm and cm

  10. markg541 says:

    end of video man

  11. NoMisSW says:

    Name of the song please :O

  12. moluksefreefighter01 says:

    No yaya is a CM, he played as a DM, but its not his BEST position. the CM role fits him MUCH better, cuz he can contribute way more offensivly. hes not a DM, thats why guardiola sold him. as an AM? hes playing as a CM for city. he played in the heart of defence sometimes for barca, because of the injury’s. hes a CM in a 4-4-2? hes a CM in a 4-3-3. De jong/barry are the DM’s/ yaya the CM. what are you saying? and hezs NOT the best and perfect DM of all time. cuz he isn’t a DM.

  13. RasOye says:

    Man you haven’t even watched Yaya at Olympiacos…yaya is a DM…he used to play DM in all the clubs that was in..coaches found out that his technical skill better than most so the even use him as an AM(Manchester city) with barca we even saw him as a Defender..you can say he is an CM at a 4-4-2..but who plays 4-4-2 nowdays?he is the perfect and the best DM of all times

  14. moluksefreefighter01 says:

    What are you talking about? yaya at olympiacos was not even 20% of what he was after 2 years in barca. His awareness/calmness/intelligence/passing/off the ball movement heIMPROVED ALOT! without barca he wouldn’t even be this good. and i dont know what im talking about? yaya isn’t even a DM! he played there at barca, but his BEST position is the CM position. learn you’re facts please. as a DM yaya is NOt the best. maybe in you’re oppinion.

  15. RasOye says:

    you dont know what you talking about…I am from Greece and i am watching Yaya since the Olympiakos days..Yaya was a World class player it was a matter of time for the big teams to get him..Barcelona buys the players with vision calmness ball control,long shot .dribbling they knew what they were buying everybody knew it was a matter of time..for me Yaya is by far the best DM the world has ever seen

  16. Djsekou14 says:

    Like Andrea Pirlo

  17. uweretellingthetruth says:

    big loss for barca

  18. moluksefreefighter01 says:

    Another prove that playing for barca makes you even twice the player you was before. Never saw an african player with the vision/calmness and intelligence like Y.toure and S.keita. they didn’t had that when they played for monaco and lyon.

  19. chakiam22 says:

    un joueur exceptionel

  20. Alexg733 says:

    much appreciated videos zouzinho.. gracias!

  21. LumixGoals says:

    pele! :3

  22. TheKingdan12 says:

    Great player