Yaya toure refuses to take champagne

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  1. Robson1898vascao says:

    And most of the violence we see today in the Middle East is caused by intolerance and Islam.

    If you wanna keep with this old and lagged shit, with woman being humiliated and stuff like that, if you wanna continue with this delay, thats your problem.

    I laugh at you, you are JOKES to the rest of the world. Pathetics and poor countries that would be worst than africa if wasnt for oil money.

  2. Robson1898vascao says:

    Allah can suck my dick.

    Where is the proof that Allah told you this ? Religions are ALL the same bullshit.

  3. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Muhammed was a war criminal had many crimes and many wives and the one I refer to was Aiesha.

    I was worried you were a Taqiyya merchant but after ” I genuinely laugh at people like you who don’t see the blatant scientific miracles in the Quran ” its clear you are just insane.

    We have medicine that can cure you.

    That also amazed me. So much scientific knowledge in the Quran you Muslims didn’t mention it for hundreds of years … only … after non Islamic civilizations did.

  4. yacyac bah says:

    To all my Muslim brothers and sisters who may be reading this, ponder over this: If you walk past a tied dog who’s barking at you, you wouldn’t bark back…It’s the same with these negative comments about Islam we see everyday, try and show them where they’re wrong, if they’re too arrogant and ignorant to see that, walk on and let the dog continue barking, the dog cannot harm you, why? Because its tied up.

  5. yacyac bah says:

    Your ignorance makes me laugh…where did you get the bull about our prophet (peace be upon him) sleeping with a child? absolute nonsense, show me the verse in the Quran or the Hadith where it states that? Didn’t think so. If you want to question me further about my religion go on ahead, I guarantee you 100 percent I will be able to answer any questions you have. I genuinely laugh at people like you who don’t see the blatant scientific miracles in the Quran, May Allah help you

  6. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    … didn’t Mohammed have sex with a child ?. That would be Muhammed the perfect man right.

    What’s the penalty in Islam for leaving Islam ?. It isn’t the death penalty by any chance.

    Go on, Tell us again how Islam is peaceful. Ever since the Rushdie affair Islam has been about violence and intimidation directly from the Quran. Taqiyya merchants like you make me sick.

  7. Asture09 says:

    You are an idiot, true professionals don’t drink Alcohol.

  8. Erik B says:

    I didn’t want to attack you or your beliefs/religion/thoughts. You can believe what makes you happy 🙂 Anyways, in my opinion you’re a bit too radical but as long as you don’t (try to) impose it on people who have different beliefs, it’s ok for me 😉 I don’t want to question your knowledge/insight on the Quran or the Islam. I just gave you my opinion and if you don’t agree, no problem. People don’t always have to agree on something in order to live in peace. Salam Aleikum my friend 🙂

  9. yacyac bah says:

    I can see why you say that looking to all these different opinions but if you open your mind a little you cannot surely believe that we came to live on this world (which is perfect living conditions for us) by coincidence? You’re basing the existence of humans ON a theory which cannot be proven?

  10. yacyac bah says:

    Of course one is better than the other.. One was written by men and changed and adapted to suit needs and the other untouched..you may say that the Quran is outdated, I would disagree because the Quran are the words of Allah and he knows what was to happen, so he knew we would reach this age, and for the record the Quran does not have any “bad” things in it, I say this because I read it numerous times.

  11. Erik B says:

    Sorry, I’m not trying to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. But it’s quite radical to belief that the Quran are the words of God/Allah himself. While God/Allah is a spiritual ‘something’, the Quran is material. These worlds do not interfer with each other. You are right about the Bible being changed and the fact that the Quran hasn’t changed, but this doesn’t mean one is ‘better’ than the other. Both contain good and not so good rules/guidelines to live by. Most of them are outdated :S

  12. yacyac bah says:

    No, I will follow the Quran directly..why? because it is the words of God…unlike the bible which was written by men, men who did not even met Jesus (peace be upon him). The Quran’s scriptures have not been tampered with or changed, the scriptures that where written 1500 years ago are IDENTICAL to the scriptures we have today…and the old scriptures are in museums as proof. Thank you for your comment

  13. Jesse de gelder says:

    Seeing this comment-section, i feel happy to be non-religious. I am not against any religions nor supporting any.

  14. TheJammydodgerjj says:

    you educate yourselves he did drink you muppet

  15. Erik B says:

    You better not follow the Quran directly, just like christians shouldn’t follow the Bible directly. They are ancient books and contain a lot of metaphors and things that shouldn’t be taken literally.. There is a lot of wisdom in both the Holy books though, if you get the real underlying message 😉 I’m an atheist myself but people should stop bashing religious people for being religious and religious people don’t have to impose their beliefs on others. As long as that happens, its ok for me 🙂

  16. cymruisrael says:

    Neither the gospels nor the Quran are proof that Jesus did or didn’t drink. It’s simple logic. Jesus was Jewish and Jews make a blessing over wine, which they then drink, at the beginning and end of the Sabbath.

  17. yacyac bah says:

    Give me proof mate…and do not give me scriptures written by 4 people who never met Jesus (peace be upon him) give me proof where he said HIMSELF drinking is okay..

  18. cymruisrael says:

    Jesus was Jewish. He would have drunk wine to welcome the Sabbath.

  19. cymruisrael says:

    Jesus most certainly did drink alcohol in moderation, as do all Jews.

  20. Rizal Abdurrachman says:

    can you give me the prove about jesus drank alcohol?

  21. Gauri Sankar says:

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  22. Chris Geoghegan says:

    not really because he never said dont drink and he turned water into wine, educate yourself, not calling muslims peadofiles an i reiterate I am not, but mohhamed was with very young girls it is a fact, in saying that it wasnt totally unatural to marry young girls then, so i dont know where that stands exactly, in our time yes he’d be a peado but in his time, maybe not. Back to the point drinking is not a contridiction to christianity because jesus turned water into wine for his disciples.

  23. Rokia Camara says: