Yaya Toure Is A Player In Demand

Most players of teams like Man City are often in demand and this time the name that is in the spotlight is Yaya Toure. Inter Milan is keen to have him, impressed by the skills he displays on the field.

This could also be due to Yaya’s former manager; Roberto Mancini is in charge of the team at Inter Milan. It is known that managers usually influence their favorite players to move with them and this is no different case. Inter Milan being managed by Roberto now, it is to be expected that he would want his prized players like Yaya to come over to the team that he now manages as he knows the qualities he possesses and how he can contribute to this team.

Yaya on the other hand, has a year more to go as per his contract with Etihad. Being 33 years of age, he has to make the right decisions which would determine how he would finish the latter part of his playing career.

The sale to the City had also been conducted by Roberto for a value of 24 million pounds in 2010. The pair at that time was part of Barcelona. The terms for the transfer are yet to be set down. There are fifty-fifty chances that the sale might happen or not. The City boss, Guardiola would make the final decision. He is definitely trying to reshape the squad. There are several speculations being made about Toure and his future. He has been neglected to a certain extent by Guardiola. However the Ivorian player has shown his willingness to work with Guardiola as the boss. Inter on the other hand, value Toure much more and feel that such a big name added to their ranks will certainly help the team to get back to the premier ranks.