Yaya Toure Became A Victim Of Racist Abuse On Twitter

Yaya Toure became a victim of racial abuse after he reopened his twitter account and posted a tweet celebrating his team, Manchester City’s win against Manchester United.

Toure didn’t use his twitter account for five months so that he could concentrate on the World Cup.

The police received complaints in this regard and they are looking into the matter. Toure asked the authorities to make sure such an event never happens again.

He condemned the mentality and said that it must be made clear to such individuals that such actions must never be repeated. Toure said that he wants those who do such things to realize the vileness of such behavior. Toure in a post he made later on thanked those who supported him and condemned the attack.

Toure said that he had been racially abused before so the incident won’t affect him much, but such attacks would be very much detrimental for young victims. Toure said that he had been racially abused many times before but he will continue to protest against such behaviours.

He said that violence has no place in sports. Toure thinks that footballers will have a negative impression about social media and they might even stop using them if such incidents are not stopped. Toure said that FIFA needs to deal with this issue more effectively.

Coach Manuel Pellegrini said that being an experienced player, Toure will not be affected by such an attack and he will be able to play normally. Pellegrini said that Toure tries to combat racism every chance he gets. Pellegrini also said that he expects that the concerned authorities will take the necessary steps.

Kick it Out, an organization fighting all sorts of discrimination brought the matter to the attention of the police. The organization promised to support Toure in this matter in any way possible.