Yaya Toure 2nd Goal at Newcastle plus celebrations

Video Score: 4 / five


  1. mancitypreston says:

    Going to every home and away in all divisions irrespective of performance
    and prior to cash. What about you ! Eating prawns at half time ?

  2. 3aaBrSbeeL says:

    the poor lad at 0:13 got kicked lol

  3. Conor Joyce says:

    That poor kid lol

  4. zu3u says:

    in that year man utd don’t lose the title against city(on etihad
    stadium:1-0 ), but against everton(on old tranford:4-4)

  5. Reece Plays HD says:

    0:13 FINISH HIM

  6. jason allison says:

    I can not believe how many arsholes coming on here with so much bullshit I
    am a fanatic Newcastle fan home and away seeing the city fans biting there
    nails holding there heads ever time we went for goal what would have made
    this day more exciting would have been great if we had of scored a goal but
    Any way hope you and the young lad had a good day and a week later was
    fantastic as well have you seen the video when glory hunters come up we’re
    sing yah yah toure

  7. Lee Sharp says:

    nice video mate hope i see you at an away game one time 😛

  8. shearer9lewis says:

    NO, not ‘our’ we have a popular accent for pronouncing it ‘are’, and no
    yous arent all real mancs? is that why at this match there holding a DURHAM
    flag? fucking deluded cunt.

  9. Adam Donnelly says:

    Top video mate

  10. jonny griff says:

    bought the title 1 0 Swans xx

  11. adam9k9 says:

    You can apply in to go to away games and most probly get a ticket with no
    need for points, i think supporters clubs get around half of the away
    allocation dont no the numbers… End of

  12. Ian P says:

    ex bolton fans ..hahahaha

  13. matt anderson says:

    haha thats a pit harsh little kid get punched off his seat well done city

  14. Cellar Door says:

    Have a look for who holds the record for home attendance in english
    football, also broke records for attendance in the lower leagues. So to
    answer your question, in manchester, same place as we are now we’re fucking
    beating the rags to titles, not shitting it out at the last hurdle.

  15. Mason Finney says:

    Fuck if mate, City were always here, making noise, showing pride, when we
    was Maine Road we had an average attendance on 35,000 in the third tier of
    English football. we was always here, were still here and we will fight for
    ever more. City till we die.

  16. mancmackem says:

    Quality, I was to your right mate as remember the two guys stood at the
    front on the support. Sure I saw your lad on the concourse cos of the hat.
    Enjoy sat! CTID!

  17. Pottsaayy says:

    this is city fans, a city video, why are you watching it? the fact it’s in
    newcastle’s stadium is irrelevant, just so happens to be where we were
    playing. and if you understand the loyalty point system, you’ll have no
    problem understanding they must have been going to city for a while, and
    aren’t glory fans, rendering your first point invalid and making this
    argument done.

  18. Pottsaayy says:

    I’m 17, guaranteed my IQ will be at least double yours, ‘thick cunt.’ No
    reply to the part of the comment which actually mattered? shows you’re
    clearly wrong, or probably too thick to understand the logic of a loyalty
    point system. Stop stalking city videos and ‘think of how much of a tit
    your making yourself look before you post next time’ dick.

  19. jrhomer100 says:

    struggling to get home tickets, while city were in league 1, that’s how
    good city fans are.

  20. Goomba Hump says:

    I was right below you lot and one of your songs did my bloody head! Toure’s
    goal was delicious though.

  21. Pete Rogers says:

    another showing of great city support and the kid gets knocked over didnt
    cry or act hurt he just got straight back up and celebrated , a great day
    was watching it at home went absolutely mental my reaction was just not
    available for public viewing CTID

  22. Ben H says:

    get me a tissue

  23. kanafa44 says:


  24. Jonathan Rashti says:

    wow, superb video and i didnt know the blue side of manchester have such
    great support! big respect for your fans and you especially, one of my
    teachers is a city fan and he said superbia is by invitation, so well done
    to you, make sure you beat united to the summit and beat them 6-1 again!

  25. berger1985 says:

    Born in 1985, match attendee since 1993, season ticket holder since 2000,
    glory hunter since 2008, MCFC OK