Real Madrid spent around €100 million in the previous transfer window but rumors are suggesting that the Spanish club will have an even busier transfer window in winter when it re-opens in January with Yaya Toure turning into a potential target for Carlo Ancelotti.

Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels and Manchester City Yaya Toure are believed to be some of the players that Carlo Ancelotti is keeping a watchful eye and could launch an offer for them in 2015.

A few months ago a series of reports started emerging claiming that Yaya Toure was unhappy at the Etihad Stadium as a player of Manchester City due to his teammates, managers and colleagues forgetting about his birthday and this sparked a sequence of rumors that were linking the Ivorian midfielder with a move away from Manchester City but Toure has responded to all of those rumors as he said that none of that was true.

“Over the summer there was a lot of speculation about birthday cakes and rubbish like that. It was disappointing for me. I’ve been in Manchester for four years now and I have never demanded a birthday cake. I know the fans love me; they are always good to me. My target now is the Champions League. I want to win it for them.” Yaya Toure said as he cleared up rumors concerning him with an exit from Manchester City.

Yaya Toure is an experienced midfielder who is capable of playing in several midfield positions as an attacker or a holding midfielder and this could be why Carlo Ancelotti is rumored to be interested in signing the Ivorian player but the Italian coach usually tries to go with younger players and Yaya Toure at the age of 31 might just be too much for Ancelotti and Real Madrid.