REACTION Newcastle v City – Yaya Toure talks to CityTV

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  1. the7th20 says:

    busquets is no where near to u YAYA

  2. krugger911 says:

    8 points ahead, they said… CHAMP20NS, they said…

  3. MrAwesomeness0000 says:

    yep. he doesnt dive like the barca players

  4. hairyz123 says:

    if he wishes he was playing for the you’s then why would he turn down a
    288k a week wage to move to you??? this also proves that he is not only
    there for the money he is there for the pride of playing for the best club
    in english football

  5. SuperAst77 says:

    I am wondering how Barcelona can loose such a nice player….Yaya Toure one
    of the best defend midfielder, in addition, he is a good playmaker

  6. ClarkeForPresident says:

    yes i do, do you not think that if rooney really wanted to leave united he
    could have got massive wages at another club like he does at united, or are
    you that stupid?.

  7. krugger911 says:

    That’s what I’m talking about champ…

  8. ClarkeForPresident says:

    Again with the presumptions i supported United because of my father, he
    supported them all his life through good times and bad and he is the main
    reason I support them now, and yes i have been to Old Trafford if you must
    know, more then once.. As for Rio, Berbatov ect they came to us for big
    money but also because of our history of winning things, they wanted to be
    winners, and i didn’t ask you to know the answer i just want to know if you
    THINK they would be at city had you not got new owners?.

  9. Jimmy Bigboy says:

    busquets is on the ground crying, YAYA is soaring in the sky <3

  10. Jimmy Bigboy says:

    Yeah there’s more history in Man City than a 15 year old Man United fan
    from Texas that became a fan of Man U ever since playing Fifa 2010. You
    glory boy faggots

  11. ClarkeForPresident says:

    We have spent £483,150,000 over the course of the premierships 20 years and
    sold 305,840,000 that’s a loss of 177,310,000 City have spent £649,180,000
    and sold £175,553,000 thats a loss of £473,627,000 which is almost what we
    spent alone, if that does not open your eyes then you are stupid.

  12. terry phidaheights says:

    like rooney!!!!!!support your local club

  13. The88Nomad says:

    When Toure left in January for the Africa Cup; City were suffering. Toure
    is making amends for time away. CALM DOWN PEOPLE, YAYA GOT THIS!

  14. Al Tofy says:

    Yaya Toure world class player & Man City sure proud of him

  15. ProStAr1 says:

    Newcastle are a fine example of a squad which do not pay big money for
    players I mean look at where they are with what most people would call and
    okay squad.

  16. stephen1971 says:

    Yes, came to think of it: 4-4 at Old Trafford and 44 years of waiting came
    to an end for City. Pienaar’s equaliser was the killer blow – from United’s
    point of view at least.

  17. con98mcfc says:

    i can

  18. ChelseaGTA says:

    MAN CITY!!!!!!!

  19. ClarkeForPresident says:

    Come back when you have won 19.

  20. ClarkeForPresident says:

    I still have as much love for United as any Manchester lad, its hurts me as
    much when we lose and delights me as much when we win.. They are a big part
    of my life and being from Ireland will never change that

  21. ClarkeForPresident says:

    Don’t worry we will never be relegated, only small clubs have spent time in
    the lower divisions… I think i have won this argument judging by your
    last comment, nice talking to ya.

  22. hairyz123 says:

    yaya looked so happy when he scored that goal and do you wanna know why? no
    he doesnt care about city winning the title, he just wanted the huge
    paycheck, thats all he cares about, and you city fans dont even realise

  23. ClarkeForPresident says:

    i really dont doubt that you are a true fan, i actually applaud you for
    that, however i do not like being told thing that are not true, i have been
    to Old Trafford on more then 1 occasion, and i plan to go as often as i can
    next season, i do not have the luxury of living right beside my team so its
    a lot easier for you. Don’t question my love for United and i wont question
    your love for City.

  24. hairyz123 says:

    ??????? what are you on