Pep Guardiola tight on Budget to Buy new Players

Pep Guardiola is believed to be given a budget of around three hundred million Pounds by the City hierarchy for the players’ recruitment this summer, but, the hierarchy also had the expectations of Guardiola bringing in about 50% of that money back to the club by offloading some of the players whom he doesn’t see in his future plans anymore, but, that is not happening.

While Guardiola is doing the inbound business quite frequently, the outbound business is not taking place at the same pace and the reason behind that is that he has set the prices of his players quite high and whatever little interest that is coming for those players is getting vanished due to that.

Samir Nasri is a big name who is there on sale, but, the Frenchman is easily past his prime and he is not playing either club or international Football on a regular basis. So it’s obvious that the clubs will be reluctant to pay an amount in excess of 21 million Pounds, a price tag that City had put on him initially. Although they have downed it to almost a half now and are demanding only 10 million, there is still no buyer knocking on the door as a result of which Guardiola has had to take the veteran playmaker to America for the friendlies.

The situation of Joe Hart is pretty much the same. There was a high amount expected for him as well, but, eventually he had to be placed on loan to the London Stadium as no club was ready to meet the demand.

If Hart is eventually gong to settle at the London Stadium permanently, it will have to be at an amount much lower than what’s expected by Guardiola.