Former Manchester United star Yaya Toure has moved to Olympiacos, as per reports. The Ivory Coast international left 12 years ago to achieve outstanding successes in top teams but has now returned. The 35-year old was released at the end of the last term at the Etihad. He wanted to continue but the row with Pep Guardiola ensured that was not possible; Besides the Catalan was looking at a younger squad.

Toure has had an illustrious career, starting from the streets of Ivory Coast in West Africa, playing for ASEC Mimosas before breaking into an European side in 2001. He played in Belgium at KSK Beveren and then moved to Metalurh Donetsk in Ukraine after a year. He moved to Olympiacos in 2005 where he had a good season and then AS Monaco snapped him in 2006.


Manchester City legend Yaya Toure has asked Raheem Sterling to be more clinical as he has the potential to be one of the greatest. The Ivorian told the BBC that the England international has necessary ingredient already like being pacy and being clever.

Toure praised the technical prowess of Sterling, adding that playing close to Sergio Aguero and David Silva has been a plus. He said Sterling works hard but then he misses too many chances, which are sometimes laughable.

Kolo Toure has faith that YayaToure can bounce back in City

When YayaToure originally joined Manchester City back on July of 2010, the Ivorian midfielder quickly made a significant influence at the Etihad Stadium as he was a consistent starter.

Even during his debut season in the English Premier League outfit, YayaToure never really struggled trying to find a regular spot in the first team.

Since arriving to Manchester City over 7 years ago, the experienced midfielder has constantly been able to make more than 30 appearances in almost every single season which shows just how much of an impact that YayaToure made.

Unfortunately for the Ivorian midfielder, it does not appear like he has a very healthy relationship with the head coach Pep Guardiola as YayaToure has not made a single appearance in this recently started English Premier League season of 2017-18.

Manchester City’s 4 opening matches of the season has seen them facing off with: Brighton, Everton, Bournemouth and Liverpool. YayaToure has not made a single appearance in any of these matches as he has had to settle with a place on the sidelines as an unused substitute player.

Pep Guardiola tight on Budget to Buy new Players

Pep Guardiola is believed to be given a budget of around three hundred million Pounds by the City hierarchy for the players’ recruitment this summer, but, the hierarchy also had the expectations of Guardiola bringing in about 50% of that money back to the club by offloading some of the players whom he doesn’t see in his future plans anymore, but, that is not happening.

While Guardiola is doing the inbound business quite frequently, the outbound business is not taking place at the same pace and the reason behind that is that he has set the prices of his players quite high and whatever little interest that is coming for those players is getting vanished due to that.

Yaya Toure puts the FA Cup derby referee Craig Pawson on blast

On April 23 of 2017, Arsenal faced off with Manchester City for the semifinals of the FA Cup and this match concluded in a 2-1 triumph for the team of Arsene Wenger but it was a very controversial game as a Sergio Aguero goal was disallowed even though it should have indeed counted.

The 1st goal of this match arrived at the 62nd minute through the likes of Sergio Aguero and shortly after it appeared like Manchester City was leading 2-0 as the Argentinean attacker found the back of the net on 2 occasions but only 1 of those was actually allowed.

If Sergio Aguero’s disallowed goal had indeed counted which should have, it would have given Manchester City a 2 goal lead over Arsenal and it might have been enough for the team of Pep Guardiola to secure their victory as having such a significantly big lead with only 30 minutes remaining in the game, there’s a chance that Arsenal could not have overcome.


Manchester City playmaker Yaya Toure has revealed that he joined the club because he wanted to help them be more like Manchester United.

The Ivorian explained that he wanted to help the club win titles like their neighbours Man United.

“My time here has been great. My mentality has always been the same. I always enjoy it. The plan of this club in the beginning was to try to get players to win, to change the club into a winning machine like Manchester United or Barcelona.

“That’s what made me decide to come here because what the club was trying to do was bring in big players – winning players,” Toure said.

The 33-year old moved to the Etihad in 2010 and has played a key role in City’s success since then. Toure was integral to City’s first ever Premier League title, aside helping them to an FA Cup and two League Cup titles.


Manchester City star player, Yaya Toure has said that the club’s boss pep Guardiola will need more time to adapt into English football.

However, the Ivorian player strongly believes that the former Barcelona boss has what it takes to lead the team forward.

He is convinced that Guardiola can get things in order and turn his team to the next Barcelona. Ever since Guardiola arrived at Manchester City, Yaya Toure had been faced with quite a difficult season as he had been frozen out for a while up till the end of last month. It was decisively not the best season for him at the Etihad.

However, Toure is back in the fold and he has expressed his optimism about the manager’s ability. He believes hat with time, Guardiola can transform Manchester City into a European beast that will dominate the sport in the same way Barcelona did during his time as coach in Spain at the Nou camp.

Toure, who recalls the coach’s glory days with the Catalans, has said that all that is needed is time for the coach to understand the inner workings of English football. He said:


Yaya Toure’s troubles are far from being over as his long-standing fight with his boss, Pep Guardiola recently took a new dimension.

We can recall that Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk was not happy that his player was left out in Manchester City’s team for the Champions League competition and spoke out.

Guardiola didn’t take this lightly as he stopped featuring Toure in any of his matches until he got an apology from Seluk. He has however refused to apologize for the interview he gave.

Instead, the agent has gone further to take on Guardiola in a more scathing criticism. And as the saying goes, when two elephants fight, the grasses would be at the suffering end. Toure would be the worse for this.
Seluk had spoken to the Mirror saying

“Why should I apologize when I am guilty of nothing but telling the truth? Pep talks about respect. But to get respect you have to show it. Pep is allowing his ego to make decisions that aren’t in the best interests of Manchester City.”