Nemanja Matic, a Tough Opponent, Says Toure

It’s surprising to know that Yaya Toure, the famous footballer from Manchester City, has named Nemanja Matic, the midfielder from Manchester United as his toughest and biggest opponent. During the eight years of Toure with Man City, he has played a lot of matches against Matic in different championships and competitions. Toure has also helped Manchester City to win the Premier League titles thrice before leaving English football the previous year. The legend footballer from Ivory Coast has even helped in winning the FA Cup during his period at the Etihad.

Nemanja Matic was known as a vital player for Jose Mourinho who was the former coach of Manchester United. But during the time of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he fell out of favor from the team. Although, he has high hopes to restart his career in football after returning from his injury. Matic, the midfielder from Serbia has been able to enjoy two spells with Chelsea before joining Manchester United in the year 2017. Toure was already playing for the City during that time.

The 36-year-old footballer took the name of Nemanja Matic as one of the most complicated and tough players amongst all players against whom he has played during his magnificent career. He said that Matic might not be a quick player, but he is very clever and strong. In addition to this, he said that he knows all the weaknesses that his opponents had because he used to watch their games carefully and minutely, before any crucial match.

The brilliant career of Yaya Toure also includes his spells at Monaco and Barcelona which were considered as important for him. He revealed much more about his move from Barcelona to Manchester City. He explained how it was finalized and how he got the determination to help out the team to become the champions in the Premier League.