Inter Milan is interested in signing Yaya Toure but it will be difficult to sign him

The Italian side Inter Milan is attracted by the set of skills that Yaya Toure can offer to any team. Even at the age of 31, Toure continues playing at a high level and he is considered to be one of the best players in the Premier League.

Stamina and having a strong physical presence are some of the characteristics that can describe the playing style of Yaya Toure as he can play an attacking role or a defensive one whenever it may be needed in order to help his team out.

These qualities of Yaya Toure are things that Roberto Mancini wants to add into his team at Inter Milan but even with all of the interest and offers that the Italian club is preparing to launch to Manchester City, it might not be enough to sign the veteran midfielder.

Yaya Toure has already announced his desire to remain at the Etithad Stadium on a long term future as the player is not interested in joining Inter Milan or any other club anytime soon. The current contract of Toure extends until 2017 and the player is earning around €220,000 each week, it seems highly unlikely that the Italian club would be willing to offer that much cash to Yaya Toure if they decide to sign him.

The coach of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini himself said that Yaya Toure is a very important player for him. ‘’He ‘s an important player for us and we’ll keep on supporting him until the end of the season” The Chilean manager said.

From the looks of it, Yaya Toure is happy being at Manchester City and the coach of the team confirmed that he remains playing an important role in the squad. Inter Milan might have to search around the transfer market for another player as Yaya Toure could be too difficult to sign and at the age of 31, Inter Milan is better off signing a younger player who can remain in the Italian club for more than just a few seasons.