Inter Milan boss said that it would not be easy to sign Yaya Toure

Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini has conceded that it would not be easy to sign Yaya Toure but that they still have hope that they can find a solution during the transfer window.

The Ivory Coast international will be out of contract during the summer and would make a great addition to the Italian club midfield.

Roberto Mancini has stated that Toure is an incredible player and that there has not been a player of his stature that has played in the Serie A before. He said that Italian football, in general, will benefit from having Toure playing the league.

However, he admitted that it would be difficult to bring Yaya Toure to Inter Milan because of financial issues. He stated that Manchester City will not want to let the player leave for cheap, and they will have to take time to negotiate.

Toure’s agent has said that many clubs are interested in signing the Ivory Coast player and that they are still evaluating the offers. It is believed that Yaya Toure might prefer to stay in the Premier League but might consider serious offers from abroad.

It has been reported that Paris Saint-Germain might also be interested in signing the player as they seek to build a team that can win the Champions League in the coming seasons. However, no formal offer has been made as the French club would want to wait for the transfer window to open before making any serious offers.

With the arrival of Pep Guardiola in the summer, it is very likely that his contract will not be extended and that the player will have to find another club. Indeed, the Spanish manager has never been a big fan of Yaya Toure and he was the one who sold him to City.