CSKA Moscow 1-2 Manchester City – Yaya Toure Post Match Interview – Talks About Racist Chants

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  1. JLSbiggestfan612 says:

    It makes me sad how Football is no longer seen as a team sport, but more orientated around particular individuals. Why discriminate against someone who is just doing their job, just because of their skin colour. Some people seem to forget that this is their profession, this is their job that they get paid for. You don’t verbally abuse people who work in your office for example, do you? No. These people need to open their eyes a little more and learn how to be civilised.

  2. Nicolai Vilidenko says:

    That’s fucking hilarious. Please tell me more about how great Russia has it. 

  3. joe momma says:

    Russia is a much bigger shit hole than England is. The top 100 Russians control 35% of the countries wealth.

  4. Severin971 says:

    What a load of overblown nonsense. People are so obsessed with “racism” these days it’s pathetic. And at least the Russians still have a real country, not the third-world hellhole that modern England is.

  5. Klash716 says:

    Who gives a fuck about russia one of the most backward countries in europe. All they do is come over to the uk to wash cars, other than that who goes to russia unless you are russian? Just a backward snowball waste of space of a country

  6. Obi Ndim says:

    and what the fargot culture you are talking about ? Respecting all races , dude don’t be a dick . i have lived with Russians while most are really friendly there are still inbred racists .

  7. Igor Emanov says:

    People like accussing Russians of being racist and all that. Meanwhile, we are not and if a little accident happens like those chants we suddenly become the enemies of the footballing world. Noone gave a shit having a world cup in South Africa, still a very racist country. Noone gave a shirt when Russian tourists were attacked by Polish fans in 2012. Polish fans can also be called racist and they don’t actually follow any fair play rules too. But it’s always us, the dirty and corrupt Russians.

  8. XEMO LZ says:

    Hey yaya where’s ur banana gone? XD

  9. Obergruppenfuhrer says:

    Jar Jar Toure

  10. raskeen27 says:

    Yaya shouldn’t pay this racism stuff no mind,its just jealousy,I know deep down allot of those fans wish they was him,keep doing ur thing stay humble,they will pay for that at the gate’s

  11. Oleg Varyag says:

    So what? Must Russians now bow down and suck his black dick to prove that they’re no longer racist? Why does it bother him so much? If he doesn’t like it, he can win there during the world cup. But demanding all Russians embrace the faggot-like culture that Western Europe has become is an insult to Russia.

  12. Max Berg says:

    she’s a hindu indian.

  13. Nick Jackolson says:

    Put this through Google Translate: соси хуй ебаная обезьяна.

  14. Олег Вещий says:

    так и есть

  15. Gonzoidzz says:

    :) Chill nigga.

  16. Олег Вещий says:

    you have smallest brain

  17. Олег Вещий says:

    страна твоя гавенная в кризисе, а ты пиздишь уа ха ах

  18. TefLonDon KING says:

    I personally don’t see it as racism, since monkeys aren’t human .

    If some humans decide to be monkeys for a day then why not let them ?
    What’s the offence in that ?

    He should offer them a banana next time .

  19. Alex Young says:

    shitty liar

  20. kelan29 says:

    the paid political rubbish

  21. Никита С. says:

    Toure is a liar

  22. veryminty says:

    How can you accuse people of racism, and then follow it with abject racism, yourself?

  23. veryminty says:

    Gonzobore’s you’re at it again. You racist, boring, lonely tool.

  24. Gonzoidzz says:

    Nigga PLEASE!