BBC News – Yaya Toure row: ‘Racism no worse in Russia football’ say fans

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  1. muddy97 says:

    maybe 30 years ago mush, but not at my age now

  2. muddy97 says:

    I am challenging all you you tubers to call me a name racist or whatever the fuck you like , and i,ll fuckin show all of you whatever colour you are how to take it on the chin like a man ( he called me a monkey boo hoo what am i going to do now ) Fuckin joke

  3. muddy97 says:


  4. muddy97 says:

    Ok tell you what i,m white English and going bald, throw what ever abuse you like at me .You can do it all for free, and i,ll take it on the chin, I will bet you a pound to a penny there is no name you can call me that would bother me

  5. muddy97 says:

    Fuck me yes, honest to god you can call me what the fuck you like for 1 % of what he earns

  6. Old GreGG says:

    Well looks like the 2018 World Cup is going to be good ..not!…. Can’t believe a country like Russia won the right to host it makes a laughing stock out of the beautiful game having it played In suck disgusting and hate filled lands, but that is the corrupt world we live in Russia bought the World Cup so instead of it being played In a beautiful land like England where it’s a truly multi cultural country where the fans love the sport and the players, not up mention England invented the game.

  7. simon walsh says:

    oh boo hoo what a load of shit

  8. rdokoye says:

    So your saying he should accept being racially abused because he gets paid a lot of money. What about you, would you accept racial abuse in your workplace?

  9. benser2002 says:

    Typical bbc if wasnt against city english team or in russia wouldnt be on the new boo hoo just play the game

  10. afroguard says:

    Yes and we heard how South Africa wont be able 2 host the world cup because Black Africans have a low IQ and the fact that South Africa is extremely violent and dangerous and as such, the 2010 World Cup will be total shambles

  11. bigbaddwolff says:

    White Russian monkeys!

  12. ruhum dim says:

    i take it someones jealous you must have no talent at all

  13. Vitali Shuranau says:

    The investigation will reveal if there really were racist chants. The UEFA delegates conveniently never hear anything. There have been a number of racism complaints in the past and UEFA have always given the same ‘did not hear anything’ response. In one case racism was obvious from the BBC match recording and UEFA first did not but finally admitted it. Listening to the Russians’ attitude towards the radium issue it is highly likely that there were racist chants.

  14. ejm504 says:

    a significant # of comments equate homosexuality with racism another obvious attempt to piggy back their cause with racism as was done in the states. When black folks were struggling for there freedom ( something that has not yet been achived ) by facing the extreme humiliation of rape hangings murder an death homosexuals an white females were able to acquire benefits from the struggle of others

  15. PassOnTheTruth says:

    Yes it does because Britain only made it’s empire big during a barbaric time, especially since the Brits were the most barbaric nation in history!
    The reasons the Brits are on a decline in the 21st century is because we are living in a modern world where countries can only reach to the top by acting modern and not barbaric! I feel sorry for Britain in the 21st century, they moment of colonizing other nations are over!!!

  16. muddy97 says:

    Yaya fuckin toure get the fuck over it , you are lucky to be able to get a work permit to work in this country and earn god knows how many thousand pounds a week, So stop acting like a little kid ( Sir, Sir he called me names ) and get on with it

  17. seangrie8 says:

    no 1 Raper and the rubbish you choose to word doesn’t make Empires the size of ours.
    Think again,Bro.

  18. Drwladimirklitschko says:

    Don’t you mean ”How does Britain(the no1 raper, invader, killer and colonizer of the Black people) get the nerve to criticize a country like Russia”
    Your grammar is poor but your points are strong which i agree with 100%

  19. fsw20585bir says:

    LMFAO, is this a comedian channel?
    How does Britain(the no1 raper, invader, killer and colonizer of the Black people) get the never to criticise a country like Russia which never ever slaved the Black people
    As a matter of a fact the Russians and Chinese stopped Britain from putting sanctions on certain countries in Africa, which would have led to millions of more deaths in Africa!
    Britain owe Africa billion of dollars in reparation since they committed the world holocaust in history

  20. sashasolaris says:

    We already heard about racism and crime in Ukraine from Campbell before European Cup – who did not have guts to apologize afterwards. Now we have World Cup in Russia, and media machine starts spinning again…

  21. Vitali Shuranau says:

    The investigation will reveal if there really were racist chants. Listening to the Russians’ attitude towards the racism issue it it is highly likely that there were racist chants.

  22. acidburn619 says:

    As much as I would like to counter your argument,I can’t. Russia does have a racism and homophobia problem,but in this particular incident,the brits are just trying to spread provocative lies,no one else except Toure including the 5 match officials and one UEFA delegate heard the racist chants,and notice how in this very video they say nothing to counter the statement that he toure is the only person in the stadium that had heard those chants.

  23. Сергей Мякишев says:

    World Cup 2018 in Russia, it’s great! England lose! ahah, don’t cry

  24. Сергей Мякишев says:

    Яя Туре не пустили в гостиницу? Последним обслужили в столовой, возили по Москве в отдельном автобусе? Глупо реагировать на какие-то выкрики фанатов. В России никогда небыло расизма, мерзкие англичане, не надо нам приписывать свои комплексы

  25. siltopian7 says:

    russia is a very big racist country and everyone who is denying that is a racist too or just very naive and dont know anything about that country