The Bundesliga has Bayern Munich at the top of the league with over 10 points advantage over the 2nd place team but the same cannot be said about the Premier League as there are 4 teams competing for the top spot and there are only 4 points separating all of them.

Manchester City’s Yaya Toure believes that the title race of this year can be decided by any of those teams.

“It’s fascinating. This year it won’t come down to many points, it’s like a game of leapfrog. We’re ahead and then Arsenal overtake and then Chelsea as they beat us.

“There’s also Liverpool and you shouldn’t forget Tottenham. It’s going to be close, very, very close “The mental aspect will be the key factor now. Chelsea has Mourinho there. He’s not actually playing but he has that psychological strength. He’s a great coach to be honest.

“Arsene Wenger’s there with players who have a lot of experience of the English league and at the moment they want to prove it and City, obviously, with quite a few new players who have arrived and a new coach.” Toure revealed.

During the Premier League season of 2011-12, it was Manchester City that came out on top as the victorious side but it was all down to the goal difference as Manchester United had the same amount of points as City and the element that decided which team was going to walk away with the trophy was the amount of goals scored throughout the entire season and even though it’s going to be hard for any season to be as close as that one, this current campaign is certainly looking like it’s going to end with a razor thin margin being the final factor which will separate the winning team from the losing one.