Inter Milan boss said that it would not be easy to sign Yaya Toure

Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini has conceded that it would not be easy to sign Yaya Toure but that they still have hope that they can find a solution during the transfer window.

The Ivory Coast international will be out of contract during the summer and would make a great addition to the Italian club midfield.

Roberto Mancini has stated that Toure is an incredible player and that there has not been a player of his stature that has played in the Serie A before. He said that Italian football, in general, will benefit from having Toure playing the league.

However, he admitted that it would be difficult to bring Yaya Toure to Inter Milan because of financial issues. He stated that Manchester City will not want to let the player leave for cheap, and they will have to take time to negotiate.


Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure is set to leave the Etihad this summer. His current contract will lapse June 2017 but Pep Guardiola’s arrival has cast serious doubts on a new deal.

Yaya Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, told reporters that he has been speaking with Manchester City’s management regarding a new contract for the Ex-Barcelona star but recently decided to pursue a deal outside for the player. The agent said he is open to getting a deal for the talent including a potential reunion with former City Manager, Roberto Mancini. The agent said Toure could also join any other Premier League outfit.

He said: “He’ll definitely leave Manchester City, I can calmly confirm that.”

Pep Guardiola will set to take over the reins at The Sky Blues this summer, after his current spell at Bayern Munich. The Ex-Barcelona Coach had a very successful career while with the Catalan giant. He did the treble with the team, added the World Club Cup and others. He won everything possible at the club before moving on to the German club. Pep was the one that sold Yaya Toure when he was manger at Barcelona for £24million.

The playing style of Manchester United has seriously changed according to Rio Ferdinand

A few years ago when Sir. Alex Ferguson was in charge of Manchester United, the Premier League club had a free flowing playing style which allowed the players to perform in different ways and have freedom in the pitch but now under the guidance of Louis van Gaal, Rio Ferdinand believes that the team has experienced a huge change as they will not have the same freedom as they had some time ago.

Former player of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand said: “Unfortunately, I think United fans need to be re-educated about what to expect now. Because it’s not going to be quick football, rampaging wingers, crosses flying into the box, thrills and yes, a few spills.

“If you go to watch them and are expecting that, you are going to be sadly disappointed. It’s all about possession football. Right now, United are well off what will be needed to be champions this season. Well off what I see in Manchester City.”

Ferdinand did not bash out or critique the system that Louis van Gaal is using but the former defender did state that the players will now be more limited as they don’t have any room for: ‘’free thinking’’

Rio Ferdinand worked alongside Sir. Alex Ferguson from 2002 until 2013 and the former defender of Manchester United is well aware of the playing style of the previous manager of the Premier League club and it simply will not be the same as the one that the Dutch coach has been implanting in the team.

When Ferdinand was asked about which Premier League club he believes has the best chances of winning the Champions League of this current season, Ferdinand replied by saying that from his own point of view it’s Manchester City.

YayaTourewants to bounce back from the 2nd place finish

In the previous season of the Premier League, Manchester City snatched the 2nd spot of the Premier League as they came short by 7 points as Chelsea was crowned as the champions of England after going through what was a very impressive season for Jose Mourinho and his players.

It was a fairly difficult end of season for Manchester City as they had to witness Chelsea take the crown but Manuel Pellegrini and his squad are aiming to bounce back and take away the title from Chelsea and even though only 3 matches have been played, YayaToure has already made a huge impact in this task.

For the past few months, YayaToure was rumored to be on the verge of leaving Manchester City due to problems that he was reportedly having with the Premier League club but in these opening matches of the season, the Ivorian footballer seems to be going through the time of his life with smiles and outstanding performances.

Roberto Mancini has YayaToure’s desire to leave Manchester City

“I will definitely stay. The fans don’t have to be worried.My target this year is to try to do everything possible to make this team improve well and I am sure with my experience, maybe I hope, with the players coming in a couple of weeks, a couple of months, definitely it is going to be a strong City next year.”

That was the statement which Manchester City’s YayaToure announced to the public earlier in May as the Ivorian player confirmed that he is going to remain with the Premier League club at least for another season.

This is good news for Manchester City and all of their supporters as YayaToureis a superb player who has been making a huge impact with the English club for the past few seasons.

However, according to Inter Milan’s Roberto, the Italian manager said that he has already spoken with YayaToure and the midfielder wanted to leave Manchester City in the summer.

Roberto Mancini has been attempting to sign YayaToure for the past few months and they have established discussions as the Italian coach has attempted to persuade YayaToure in joining Inter Milan and Mancini said that the player wanted to leave Manchester City.

Inter Milan is interested in signing Yaya Toure but it will be difficult to sign him

The Italian side Inter Milan is attracted by the set of skills that Yaya Toure can offer to any team. Even at the age of 31, Toure continues playing at a high level and he is considered to be one of the best players in the Premier League.

Stamina and having a strong physical presence are some of the characteristics that can describe the playing style of Yaya Toure as he can play an attacking role or a defensive one whenever it may be needed in order to help his team out.

These qualities of Yaya Toure are things that Roberto Mancini wants to add into his team at Inter Milan but even with all of the interest and offers that the Italian club is preparing to launch to Manchester City, it might not be enough to sign the veteran midfielder.

Yaya Toure has already announced his desire to remain at the Etithad Stadium on a long term future as the player is not interested in joining Inter Milan or any other club anytime soon. The current contract of Toure extends until 2017 and the player is earning around €220,000 each week, it seems highly unlikely that the Italian club would be willing to offer that much cash to Yaya Toure if they decide to sign him.